PRIPOROČAMO “The Tribe Musical”

Gimnazija in srednja šola Rudolfa Maistra z dijaki in njihovimi mentorji znova “sezuva”.
Priporočamo ogled njihovega novega muzikala “The Tribe”.

Lisa: Diana, I’m so glad you’ve decided to stay. This place rocks!
Diana: Yes, it is kinda cool.
All: (Hypnotic Humming grows stronger)
Peter Pan: /Stands up and flashes a light at his face, humming quietens/: The Rebirth! A new beginning! Worthy of a child with dreams. 4EverEver, the place when it all begins and …never ends…till it ends. My dear Lisa and Donna…
Diana: It’s Diana…
Peter Pan: That’s what I meant. My long-lost sisters, are you joining us here, tonight!? Do you accept this sacred brotherhood and forget about all the connections you ever had in the outside world? For here, no one is better than all the rest and I’m only chosen to guide you so I am a bit more equal than all the rest…

A new original musical by English Student Theatre from Kamnik (Rudolf Maister Grammar and Vocational School)!
In a brand-new stage production, more precisely, in the Land of 4EverEver, a new children-only society is formed and their commander – naturally – none other than Peter Pan. But things take a dramatic turn when two newcomers find that it’s really not about thinking happy thoughts…
Production premieres 17th May (Dom Kulture Kamnik), with new dates being revealed on our FB page: The Tribe-Musical

Are you an English Teacher? If yes and you require more information (potential touring, group student discounts…), contact us at or

Tea Pogačar, ensamble member: “After almost a year of hard work, sacrifice of free time, bonding, many fun moments, and of course, a great many struggles, our musical finally comes to life. We couldn’t be prouder of ourselves, because, at last, we see to what all of our preparations have been leading to. Three performances are already behind us, each pushing the boundaries of what a group of creative, talented and ambitious young people can do under the right leadership. Therefore, if you want to see a new, perhaps a dark side of Peter Pan, accompanied by teenage rebels and outcasts, I invite you to experience the magic on the theatrical stage for yourselves. And I dare say this: our costumes will glow you away.”

Upcoming show: 18. 6. 2017 – 5 and 8 pm